Do more with all your Data with the simplicity of a platform that’s user-friendly for everyone.

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Define data transformations and combinations that meet your business needs. A single hub to manage all your data integrations.


Immerse ourselves in your business to ensure your API strategy delivers value. APIs and tools built with love by developers, for developers.


Makes development easy, write busines logic on the fly, publish and manage your app in minutes, control who else can work with your code.



Become a digital disruptor with a data-centric Approach and break Down Silos. Data is at the core of every application and business system. Himydata enable your data across your organization, and it scales to accommodate growth as your data volume.

Manage massive amounts of data and access in real-time as JSON objects via HTTPS from anywhere. We use NO-SQL datastorage to provide a performant, fault tolerant, scalable and secure data warehouse. All data access is traced for audit regulations.


Innovation must happen rapidly, we built a pluggable architecture and an api manager to connect your company’s applications, data, and devices. Based on Microservices that favors great flexibility to your business.

  • Create, publish and manage APIs
  • Build policies, define identity for secure API
  • Connect any service and enrich your data warehouse


, Code

The microservice architectural style is an approach to developing application as a suite of small services. Each running using all capabilities of himydata solution, often an HTTP resource API.

Lets you write rules and service integrations in a simple, declarative manner. It easy to get started, extend and maintain your application.

Design, develop and organize your code that you can scale and deploy at any time. Add business logic and associate directly with your data warehouse or API.

Most of industries needs to accelerate their digital transformation.

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Payments
  • Financial
  • Media
  • transport

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